Laundry At Work

For pick up and delivery of Wash-Dry-Fold and Dry Cleaning at the workplace.

Oil change and car repair companies are doing it, windshield and auto glass companies are doing it, and now we are too.

  • oneWe pick-up laundry at your workplace

  • twoWe do the laundry

  • threeWe drop-off clean bundled laundry at your workplace

With most of the day spent on the job and commuting, you can leave the laundry and the driving to us. We are offering this service at your workplace with no delivery charge so the cost is the same as it would be if you dropped off the laundry yourself. Laundry At Work is a cost effective way to save time and add a little convenience to your day.

  • Wash Dry Fold

  • Dry Cleaning

  • Free Local Delivery Service

  • Quality Detergents and Products

  • Easy Tags and Online ePayment

  • Friendly and Efficient Service

Call us today to schedule a pickup 774-406-3690.

The Process

Laundry At Work process flow diagram